My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

el Sol

A really, really high-resolution image of the sun. If your monitor was big enough, I suppose this .jpeg could act as a reasonable substitute for the actual sun in a pinch. Pictures like this never fail to impress me with how tremendously unhappy the sun looks. Although if your complexion looked like that, you'd be grumpy, too.

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A short essay to the international community…a cry for help.

What if Saddam was a victim too?

By William Charlton

This is an idea I had while analyzing some of our biggest political problems in America.

I think that the United States of America is under the political guidance and control of a group of individuals and organizations that are morally ill and misguided by irrelevant drama.

I was thinking about some of the recent “news” and some of the not-so-recent and thought – what if the Iraq of the Saddam Hussein Era was under a similar spell?

What if Saddam was manipulated by his interior ministry and was led to believe that his cabinet of advisors was conducting business according to justice and morality? Is it not possible that his “advisors” were the ones in control of both the country and Saddam? What if they were all really good bullshit artists and could persuade people to do things that they normally wouldn’t?

Things like justified massacre.

This is exactly what is happening to our country.

From top to bottom, the U.S. and the former Iraqi government are not so different.

Both are comprised of a population which atleast half of it’s people don’t approve of it’s host government’s actions.

Both are comprised of a host government that acts against it’s own established political and ethical guidelines.

Both are comprised of culturally elite citizens that suffer no repercussions from the inability to follow the law.

Both are comprised of govern-mental majorities that belong to the same religious organizations.

Both are comprised of governments that justify murder for the sake of security and national health.

I can’t be sure, but I think we’re getting screwed just like the people of Iraq were while under Saddam.

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You’re glib, Fernando

Actual statement uttered by Clay while on the phone with me earlier this evening. And he said it in all seriousness:

“Fernando, you have no idea how complex penguin society is.”

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Today’s righteous links

I got two for you, but they’re of such unusually high quality that I think it makes up for their numerical paucity:

  • Blue States Lose: I may have linked to Gawker before; it’s a pretty goddamned amusing New York society blog to begin with, but the fact that their weekly photo column of idiotic New York hipsters is called “Blue States Lose” wins. It just wins.
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  • Japanese technology poised to conquer all of mankind: In the first-ever appropriate use of the “Robots are awesome” tag, not only have the Japanese invented a mobile beer refridgerator that comes to you, but that refridgerator is a robot that opens the beer for you and hands it to you.
    Let me say that again: it is a robot that serves you beer. I think that marriage, as an institution, is now completely superfluous. Eat that, Republicans.
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Civilization 4 Planning Thread

Clay; Will and I have decided to spare the people of Earth the fury of our iron fists and not conquer it (for now). Instead, we are going to play Civilization 4 by email and conquer an imaginary Earth instead. Woe to the imaginary people who stand in the path of our imaginary rise to imaginary power. Woe. Woe to their imaginary children and their imaginary livestock.


Here’s what I suggest for game settings, Will:

  • Map type: Continents
  • Map size: Small (I think a bigger map would be a bigger game than we could play in a year)
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Sealevel: Medium
  • Starting Era: Ancient
  • Speed: I could go with either Epic or Normal for this. I’m leaning towards Normal, because Epic is a loooong game. Marathon is even more ridiculous.
  • Number of AI players: I think either 5 or 6 would be good.
  • Win by: Conquest, domination, cultural (I would take out Space Race and Diplomatic victories)
  • Additional options: I’d like Random AI Personalities

Whaddya think, Will? Respond with a comment in this post.

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The Afore Mentioned Debauchery: Alive and On Screen!

First of all, Fernando, I want you to take a deep breath and count to a million. The Haitian Voodoo idea is definitely how I’m going to break the ice on my next blind date, but as an introduction to new roommates? Absolutely splendiferous.

Secondly, I really like writing in this format: Subject having no relevance to the text and using stepped typing (first of all…secondly…).

Third, I really enjoy beach balls. Don’t you guys like beach balls? When was the last time anyone said “Goddamnit! Not another one of those Goddamn BEACHBALLS!!! Ahhhhhh!” and then marches off to go smash his fists into some dry wall repeatedly? This man is trying to eat one.

Eat a Ball

And furthurmore, I motion to have any mention of the time I was locked in a small woven-grass cage for attempting Insecticide stricken from the record.

All those in favor?

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