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A week of thanks. And fun.

This is the first in a series intended to go for a week. It will most likely wither and die before Thanksgving™ gets here, because I am a generally a bit of a bum. Anyway, here’s today’s “Thing I am thankful for”… Really it’s better if you watch this on weebls stuff, the loop effect really adds to it.

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Imperial Presidency – Nepotism

I was reading through the comments on Curts last post and when I read the last one, by Coop, there was an idea brought up about limiting the terms of elected officials even more – to two, three years or so.

I really don’t think that’s the idea we should be focusing on. The problem with having the same people in office for generations, which is why we have term limits, is multifaceted. One, a major reason, is that we as Americans realize that corruption can slip underneath our radar and we want to be able to evict an elected official if he/she is uncovered to be Satan or a minion of Hades. Another big reason is that we want to keep new faces and new ideas rolling through our offices of representatives – we’re a progressive country and should be progressively getting new and inspiring leadership.

Something I don’t think we’re talking about in this country enough is that, if Hilary were to be elected, we’d have an American Presidency that looks a little like this:

  • George Bush
  • Bill Clinton
  • George W. Bush
  • Hilary Clinton

From 1989, the year George Sr. took office, potentially until 2012 when Hilary’s first term would be up we, as an American people, would have said there is no better representative for this country than a member of either the Bush or Clinton family.

Bull$hit. This is America. The home of the best and brightest. Why are we continually electing Presidents, Senators and other representatives of our nation from a small pool of individuals from a small network of families.

I realize that Nepotism is a major driving force in the economy here, but this is a little ridiculous. That the American Presidency should be dominated, stolen, hoarded and plundered by two families for over 20 years is folly.

We don’t need shorter term limits.

We need to, all of us, have the common decency and foresight to




(its a little late, but this is a guy who’s got it…

check out this video and you’ll see what I mean)




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The United States is supporting Hezbollah, Israel Simultaneously

The prospect of this (heading) being true needs to be explored. There seems to be a steady pulse beating the drum of “I don’t give a damn what they do, just as long as it takes attention off of my Iraq problems”.

Its a song that every media is playing along with. The whole world is whistling the tune. There are music scholars that are introducing Counterpoint scores to our most treasured of Hollywood Blockbusters harmonious to this song. Even Minnesota Public Radio has moment to moment coverage on this phenomenon.

The glory of America is its ability to decieve the masses into thinking that there are people whose mental afflictions far outweigh its own in severity.

I’ve got an idea: stop giving away weapons for money! In the long run, those weapons and, more importantly, thier usage, end up costing the Americans (and the rest of the World) gobs more money than we could’ve ever hoped to donate to starving children in Africa, HIV aid, etc.

The whole thing is bullshit. Take away the Israeli heroin spoon of bombs and bullets and have them try things the good old American way: resourcefulness; being kind to your neighbors; the golden rule; etc……you know…act like WE did when we met our neighbors – the American Indians….wait a minute….er…uh…

No, no, no, what I meant to say was Christians! Yes. Christian virtues should play a role…..wait a minute….they invented this war….

A little help?

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We call it riding the gravy train…

Well boys, it's official.  I am a disabled veteran. I just got my back pay check for $3,752. Nice. Of course, all of that money will be gone in a week, as we will be using it as the down payment on our new house. More details later, but you should be excited.  We'll actually have a place to have our party this summer. 

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Let the record show:

On this day, June 5th, 2006 at 12:57AM, I surpassed Charlton Heston on my way to the top of list of search results achieved from searching my name (Will Charlton) on Google. That is all.

Wierdo rejoices. 

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NSA Should listen to phone calls.

I think, in reaction to President Bush's insistence on the notion that the NSA doesn't listen to phone calls, that maybe, perhaps, they should.

Seriously, wouldn't it be a good thing for them to finally listen? They obviously don't listen to polls; they don't listen to letter writing campaigns; and they surely don't listen to Stewart and Colbert. I think that this country would be so much better off it they did listen to us.

Am I making myself perfectly clear?

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Intellectual Property.

I am including this to our cherished DD214 Blog – maintained by Fernando Rizo, R. Clay Anderson and Will Charlton – as a tool to whomever may wish to use it. If you wish to contribute to the 1709 Foundation, send inquiries to founder, Will Charlton, at

Freedom of information.

Examining the validity in underpinning our freedom of information and the widespread sharing of digital music as a cultural imperative, an essay by Will Charlton.

I would first like to say that we, as Americans, have liberties that can only be realized by actually doing and exercising those freedoms. We trade our personal histories to each other verbally and freely in our everyday lives. When we grow up we are expected to learn the things that comprise our culture. We are quizzed on our knowledge of national history. We have discussions on what it means to be a “Citizen”. We make demands of ourselves to be a contribution to our culture, not a detriment. We are taught to speak and communicate according to a set of agreed upon rules. By applying these rules correctly, you will achieve a maximum success when conveying your message. As infants, we are immediately challenged with mind teasing games that are meant to foster brain activity. Put the right block into the right hole. We are also encouraged by our school system at a very young age that music is a part of who we are as a whole. Everyone can agree upon this. That is why we have music programs as youths. We view it as a fundamentally important piece into the puzzles we call our lives. We make it our own.

I have always been able to access new methods of communicating by utilizing the infrastructure in place. If I want to learn to speak Spanish, I would go to my local library and check out a Verbs book. Perhaps I would sign up for a Spanish class that’s offered by the community education department. If I wanted to learn how to program Java, I would get the latest book outlining the rules. I could find this at the library as well, maybe I’d just go to Barnes and Noble to buy it. I can always use my environment to help me in a Capitalist society. That is the whole point.

What if we happen upon a better, more efficient system? Book clubs afford you the luxury of not having to physically go out to actively seek out your desired information. Netflix offered an undeniably sensible way to access our cinematic library as a culture. I don’t need to explain this. It is accepted knowledge in our culture that Netflix is the best way to get movies. The old ways are parting.

Netflix will fail. We will outsmart ourselves again. We will invent a newer, better, more efficient way of sharing ourselves.

The increased potency of the flow of progress is a championed virtue for Americans. Acting in opposition to positive change is viewed, in this society, as detrimental to the flow of progress. So, by restricting us from using our best methods of communication, the system would no longer benefit us – culturally, financially, or intellectually. It would be causing opposition to the flow of progress. If a person in this country was sued in a court of law for damages done to an aggregator of cultural content, that person would only be found guilty of utilizing the methods put in place for him. Methods put there by the best and brightest minds of his or her civilization. It is a testament to one’s culture to invent new ways before other cultures do. We celebrate this in our history books. We teach it to our post-embryonic predecessors. Success will surely not come unless you embrace change when change appears.

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Product Review

OK. I am ready to talk. Over the last four weeks, I've had the following neato things happen to me. I started my last academic quarter at IPR, moved to a new house (the second move in under two months), used the term "bone ramakin" accurately in normal conversation, lost my wallet, had a birthday, got a new bicycle and, most importantly, bought a new laptop computer. The latter is what I'd like to discuss.

It was April 20th and I was on my way to purchase my new machine. I had my heart set on the new MacBook Pro, 15" monster. In order to go through with it, I had to stop off at my place of work, Tucci Bennucch, for a bite to eat and a couple cocktails. After a martini and a martini I went to the Apple store in the Mall of America to make the purchase. I couldn't be happier.

This machine is absolutely amazing. It's load time for OS X is super short; it is very thin and weighs next to nothing; it contains dual-core Intel processing; it is customizable to ridiculous ends; it updates my iCal planner to my iPod automatically (which is extra awesome); it has a power cable the attaches using magnets so that if you pull it or if someone trips over it, it self releases with ease; and it's battleship-gray.

The only problems I've had with it so far are that it cost me $22xx.xx (with a .mac account and an Apple Care Protection Plan for 3 years) and that software companies are still working on Mac-Intel mods for their products to make them functional on the MacBook Pro. These updates should be relatively fast in coming because of how whoop-ass this computer is doing.

So what does this all mean?

Basically, I should be able to keep Clay from crying so much about how I don't write on the blog as much as I should.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to provide a link or two on some stuff I've been enjoying lately: an atheist podcast that I find kind-of cool, open, and who's heart is in the right place (not to mention that they're atheist:D); watch some videos, I know it's AOL, but it's a really cool idea.

Thanks, guys. Here's your much-awaited picture from Will.

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A short essay to the international community…a cry for help.

What if Saddam was a victim too?

By William Charlton

This is an idea I had while analyzing some of our biggest political problems in America.

I think that the United States of America is under the political guidance and control of a group of individuals and organizations that are morally ill and misguided by irrelevant drama.

I was thinking about some of the recent “news” and some of the not-so-recent and thought – what if the Iraq of the Saddam Hussein Era was under a similar spell?

What if Saddam was manipulated by his interior ministry and was led to believe that his cabinet of advisors was conducting business according to justice and morality? Is it not possible that his “advisors” were the ones in control of both the country and Saddam? What if they were all really good bullshit artists and could persuade people to do things that they normally wouldn’t?

Things like justified massacre.

This is exactly what is happening to our country.

From top to bottom, the U.S. and the former Iraqi government are not so different.

Both are comprised of a population which atleast half of it’s people don’t approve of it’s host government’s actions.

Both are comprised of a host government that acts against it’s own established political and ethical guidelines.

Both are comprised of culturally elite citizens that suffer no repercussions from the inability to follow the law.

Both are comprised of govern-mental majorities that belong to the same religious organizations.

Both are comprised of governments that justify murder for the sake of security and national health.

I can’t be sure, but I think we’re getting screwed just like the people of Iraq were while under Saddam.

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