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Veterans should be a thing of the past.

Ron Paul

I just want to give a quick shout out to my Homie Ron Paul. Its a shame what they did to you man. They shunned you and made your supporters and delegates feel like shit. I’m sorry man.

I also want to thank you for making the call to abandon the 2 Corporate Parties – technically one corporate party since they both get payrolled by essentially the same corporations – and came out to support 3rd Party Candidates like Ralph Nader.

I think you’re the chief. Seriously. When I saw you campaigning for the Republican ticket I thought “What the hell is this guy doing running in that party? He’s too honest for the Republicans”. But now I think I see what you were up to. You’re the guy that people wanted Ralph Nader to be – the guy that tries to change politics from within party lines. But now, thankfully, just as Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzolez have seen it, you now see it too. It’s futile. It’s not a political party. Neither is the Democratic Party. They’re just two organizations who are maximizing profits for their paymasters, the corporations, instead of maximizing the effectiveness of the Constitution – what they’re sworn to do.

Bravo Ron Paul. Bravo.

I’m a disabled Iraqi Freedom War Vet and I support the Third Party Movement with Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzolez.


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One Month to Go and things are looking grim for McCain

The debate did not go as I expected and Sarah Palin actually sounded coherent and somewhat intelligent, but still could not answer a question that was not on her cheat sheet or drilled into her brain over the last few weeks. We all know that she was in debate school and learning about the world outside of Alaska. This is pretty sad, but not surprising. Palin is a joke, and we all know it. We all know that she was a last ditch effort to shore up the extreme right winged conservatives and gain female votes. That said I think she has had an opposite effect and was a huge political mistake. This shows me that these guys running for office look at this as a game. Who can make the right move? I don’t think it is a game at all. These guys play with our lives. They raise and lower taxes when it is good politically not when it is good for me. They send troops to war when it is good for lobbyists or popular but not when thousands of people are dying in Darfur. One thing that was not brought up in the debate was 9/11. This was a relief.


Biden seemed to draw upon experience and not regurgitate propaganda that was drilled into his head like Palin. He was reserved, and only focused his attacks on McCain and Bush. I am sure he was told not to attack her because women would be offended. Although this might have looked bad, I think that he should have attacked her and exposed her to the world for what she is: a gimmick. Biden also did what Obama did; he was cordial enough to compliment their debate opponent. Biden gave her a tongue in cheek compliment when he gave her credit for passing a windfall profits tax on the oil companies in Alaska. The fact is that John McCain does not support windfall profit taxes. So Biden was able to gain ground out of his compliment. On the other side, the Republicans would not dare to give a “Liberal” credit and they continue to attack at all costs.


McCain conceded Michigan this week. He pulled TV ads and suspended his campaign. All along they said how important Michigan was to the race. I live in Michigan and I could not see how he had a chance. People who have voted GOP in the past that I know, plan on voting for Obama just for a change. Times are tough here. We have the highest unemployment rate and we are losing jobs very quickly. Our foreclosure rate is one of the highest in the nation. All of this after 8 years of the GOP in office. How can we expect that McCain will bring anything different to the table? He has been in “Warshington” for over 20 years and is surrounded by lobbyists as advisors. This guy is a joke. I agree with Clay that he seemed more moderate and a “Maverick” in 2000, but now I wonder if it was sincere and we would be the same economically. I agree though with Clay that he would have reacted to 9/11 better than George W. Bush, but we would still have the sub-prime issue because McCain believes in deregulation and thinks that free market capitalism can regulate itself.


So let’s see how the next debate plays out, especially after they both voted for the same bailout plan for Wallstreet.

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VP Debate

As I sit here watching Countdown on the very night of the Vice-presidential debate, I cannot help but cringe. I am absolutely amazed that people actually think that Sarah Palin should be the Vice President. An office that has been held by such geniuses as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson is now being touted by the idiots running the Republican party as an office with no real qualifications at all. The woman has no idea what is happening outside of Alaska. I felt awkward and embarrassed when I watched clips of her interview  with Katie Couric.   Holy  Shit,  people,  she  can’t  name  a  Supreme  Court  case  besides  Roe  v. Wade.  When did we reach this level?  This cheap theater is what passes for the democratic process in America today, and I for one am ashamed of the silliness we indulge in as the world’s laziest, most ignorant superpower.

As an aside, I think that if (unlikely as it may seem) Ben Stiller ever runs out of embarrassing roles, he could surely pull a Mrs. Doubtfire and play Sarah Palin on the silver screen. Or straight to DVD, for that matter. Ben would never have to make another movie, because at that point he would have reached the absolute pinnacle of self-humiliation. Do your country a favor, Governor Palin, and withdraw gracefully from this huge political and legal world about which you know less than the average college freshman. If you have any love for your country at all, please go home.

Senator McCain, I have a few words for you, as well. You will not be the President, much as you may want it.  In 2000 I think you would have made a good president, possibly even a great one. I am sure that you would have fought the Iraq war much more responsibly than the Child Prince. I might even go so far as to say that you might not have even started a war with Iraq after 9/11.  Unfortunately, those in your party who sacrificed the good of the people for greed and political nepotism have salted the earth before you, and it cannot be undone. No, not even if you pander to the far-right wingnuts (a rapidly developing skill, I notice) and select a complete novice as your running mate. Surely you realize that the choice of Vice-President is, in your case (you are 72 years old) disturbingly relevant to the race. Is this the legacy you want to leave to the country for which you profess such love?  “President McCain, who died in office after (insert time period), left a complete amateur to run the nation”. Scary, John. Very frightening indeed.

Senator Obama, the jury is still out on you. I’m pretty sure you’re going to win. Best of luck, as you will be inheriting one huge bag of shit. I hope that you can deliver on this so-called change, and not just continue with the same old corporate-controlled puppet show we refer to as Washington.

Ralph Nader, I salute you, sir. Keep putting the word out. You convinced me.


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