My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

The question no one is asking.

It is a moral decision. That’s what they keep saying. Just today Presidential hopeful, Senator McCain, said that to bring our troops home “regardless of the consequences,” was “a failure of political and moral leadership.” This is what it’s come to.

No longer is the Rule of Law Master and Keeper of this land. This is a new dawning. A new Era whence people no longer need to check validity against prevailing Law. This is the Day and Age when our elected officials determine right from wrong by checking the validity of Policy and Behavior on prevailing economic and political relationships. We are a civilization governed by men and women who dictate to us their own versions of skepticism so we may substitute it with our own.

Today, all over the country there are men and women who believe in the Rule of Law and who wish reign in the power of the American government by instituting and enforcing policy based on prescribed policy – not wavering in their devotion to keep the promise of America. I need not outline that promise to you, it’s written quite well in the Constitution. Besides, America makes different promises to everyone. But this is a Tragic story. This story’s hero’s don’t want to fight the Battle Against Corporate Partisanship. In this fight the heroes are enslaved into the very system they wish to serve. These would-be brave men and women from the villages and cities of America are caught up in the delusion that what is most important is the imagery and illusions of the Ruling Class. The heroes of this country are trapped in a dream. All of them.

Except one.

There is one among us that has been roused from his slumber. A man Enlightened. One who is pure of heart. One who doesn’t heed the empty promises of Self before Virtue. He is massing an Army of Justice Makers and is preparing for the Battle for America. The odds are against him and he faces many foes who disguise themselves as allies. But he will prevail. He must.

For, the future of every man, woman and child depends on it!

Will you help him?

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