My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

State of the Union….

Good evening my fellow Americans. Our economy is strong, we are shrinking the middle class and we have increased our total minimum wage jobs to a record high. We are making alternative fuel sources out of Kryton pieces from Superman’s home planet. We are working on a very confusing semi-universal healthcare system that will allow tax breaks to people who make $15,000 and we will tax the employers who provide health benefits so they will eventually stop providing it and we will watch the health system spiral downward. We are not winning in Iraq but we are not losing. We are going to send more troops to Iraq so we can follow the footsteps of the politicians who ran the Vietnam War. The war on terrorism continues, so be afraid. We have CTU and Jack Bauer on the case so don’t worry. We want to find a common ground with the Democrats and work together to get some work done, because when we had control of Congress we didn’t give a shit what they had to say. So I say to you tonight, live long and prosper, and by the way, get ready for a draft and a civilian reserve corps…good night!

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