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Bush is a little slow…

I watched Saturday Night Live this weekend and there was a parody of Bush’s speech to increase the troop levels in Iraq. Even though the character was totally outrageous, I couldn’t help to think of how true it was. The skit went on to say that they were going to increase the troop levels from 21,500 to ALL uniformed people and so on. This is how I believe he really is. He doesn’t think for himself. He just listens to the people around him who are afraid to say how they feel and tell him things that they think he wants to hear. These people are intimidated by George W. I guess anyone should be a bit intimidated by the POTUS, but by doing so people are dying. Bush seems behind on every decision. We went in without the right amount of troops to secure and maintain security in Baghdad, even though there were advisors who claimed to have advised to go in with as many as 500,000 troops. There was an argument that we did not want to appear to be taking over the country, but so what as long as the job gets finished and we get the hell out of there. Now GW calls for more troops and this might be the time when more troops just means an escalation of violence and more dead Americans coming home in secret flag draped coffins. I wish I had a better solution, but I am not surrounded by “top notch” politcal analysts. Bush will ride out his presidency and, just like Vietnam and LBJ, he will hand off a mess for another President to clean up or end their career.

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