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Veterans should be a thing of the past.

Common ground?

Since the Democrats took control of Congress, all I hear is about “finding common ground” and “working together”. All of a sudden the kids on the playground want to play nice because they are outnumbered. The problem is the Democrats will fall for it and give in to the Republicans and concede in order to look like they are being productive. The President can and will veto bills in order to propagate the Republican agenda. He already has threatened to veto several bills if passed through both houses, such as federal funding for stemcell research. Now the Democrats are threatening to use their power to stop funding for the troop increase. Both sides have ways to check each other and in the end there is no balance. They talk common ground but they are diametrically opposed sides who fight with the fury of a sibling rivalry. I believe most “regular folk” in this country are moderate and fall on both sides depending on the subject. A lot of people usually only care about one big subject, especially if it effects them directly. Americans don’t care about HIV/AIDS in Africa, because it is in Africa! Someone in Iowa might not have a big opinion on immigration.
While Americans are generally moderate, they are constantly being pushed one way or the other by people such as Rush Limbaugh. You can get another view by listening to Air America and Al Frankin. Rush was interviewed on NPR

One of his quotes “I always say my real purpose is to attract the largest audience I can, and hold it for as long as I can, so I can charge confiscatory advertising rates,” the talk show host says.

Americans who listen to this guy and Sean Hannity are fired up by their extreme rhetoric and end up using “liberal” in a derogatory way. Yet these same people say they fight for “liberty” and reference our gun toting, slave owning, wealthy founding fathers who created the most successful “liberal” society and country ever!

In 2008 I wonder if we will see a woman president with a black vice president or will the bipartisanship and common ground disappear from the political rhetoric in order to drive their constituents to the polls?

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State of the Union….

Good evening my fellow Americans. Our economy is strong, we are shrinking the middle class and we have increased our total minimum wage jobs to a record high. We are making alternative fuel sources out of Kryton pieces from Superman’s home planet. We are working on a very confusing semi-universal healthcare system that will allow tax breaks to people who make $15,000 and we will tax the employers who provide health benefits so they will eventually stop providing it and we will watch the health system spiral downward. We are not winning in Iraq but we are not losing. We are going to send more troops to Iraq so we can follow the footsteps of the politicians who ran the Vietnam War. The war on terrorism continues, so be afraid. We have CTU and Jack Bauer on the case so don’t worry. We want to find a common ground with the Democrats and work together to get some work done, because when we had control of Congress we didn’t give a shit what they had to say. So I say to you tonight, live long and prosper, and by the way, get ready for a draft and a civilian reserve corps…good night!

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Bush is a little slow…

I watched Saturday Night Live this weekend and there was a parody of Bush’s speech to increase the troop levels in Iraq. Even though the character was totally outrageous, I couldn’t help to think of how true it was. The skit went on to say that they were going to increase the troop levels from 21,500 to ALL uniformed people and so on. This is how I believe he really is. He doesn’t think for himself. He just listens to the people around him who are afraid to say how they feel and tell him things that they think he wants to hear. These people are intimidated by George W. I guess anyone should be a bit intimidated by the POTUS, but by doing so people are dying. Bush seems behind on every decision. We went in without the right amount of troops to secure and maintain security in Baghdad, even though there were advisors who claimed to have advised to go in with as many as 500,000 troops. There was an argument that we did not want to appear to be taking over the country, but so what as long as the job gets finished and we get the hell out of there. Now GW calls for more troops and this might be the time when more troops just means an escalation of violence and more dead Americans coming home in secret flag draped coffins. I wish I had a better solution, but I am not surrounded by “top notch” politcal analysts. Bush will ride out his presidency and, just like Vietnam and LBJ, he will hand off a mess for another President to clean up or end their career.

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