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My obsession with Musico de Argentina.

Yes its true. I love Tango music. I think it is absolutely enthralling. Though I can barely walk, much less dance to something as wonderful as Tango, I love the music regardless.

I have been on a quest to find a Minneapolis band that captures what I feel when I listen to Astor Piazzola standards.

My search is over.

The Mandragora Tango Orchestra is a Minneapolis-based band of talented individuals that give me that motion sickness I feel when listening to my favorite Tango. They write thier own songs, cover standards and even cover a Nirvana song…absolutely amazing!

I highly recommend checking them out. They have a bunch of thier music available on thier website for free listening. There’s also a CD available on CDBaby.Com.

I can’t stress enough how great they are!

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