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New focus for the DD214 blog – immigration.

OK folks. I can tell that there are people in and out of this blog on a daily basis. There are few comments and not much response from the reading public that visit this site, but I mean to change that. To this point, I’ve had no real focus, no direction to speak of. But there is one thing that I always get a bad feeling about concerning the rights and liberties of the people in this country – immigration policy.

You see folks, I work in a restaraunt. I’m a full-time college student. And I’m a disabled war veteran. Since I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, I’ve been told that I am a protector. People have called me things like “Hero”, if you can believe it. Everyday people, when they learn that I fought for this country immediately thank me and tell me that the things I’ve done for this country are positive and that I should be proud of my service. For the most part I am proud, but there is a problem with this type of behavoir – it shows total disregard for accountability. No one knows the things I’ve done. And when I say it like that, it makes it sound not-so-good. Well, it’s not. I was a part of an organization that killed many people. Many of which are like most Americans. They pay thier “taxes”, work hard, provide for thier family, and pretty much do what thier told.  The U.S. Military has toppled the Iraqi system of government. We have slaughtered both the guilty and the innocent. And we have done all of this under the banner of democracy, liberty and freedom. The people that refer to me as a hero don’t realize that thier tax dollars are paying for people like me to kill/murder/execute others – all for freedom and liberty they say.

In America we pay for liberty. And no one likes to give away shit for free. Imagine: liberty isn’t free. You have to pay into the system that provides you with liberty…OK, I can see that. We’re human. We can’t be perfect.

But what about the others. The ones on the outside of our system. The ones that see the beauty of it in its purest for AND WANT IN. Why would we deter people who want to contribute to our freedom? It seems counter to the cause. The more people who contribute to freedom, the more freedom we can provide (if indeed liberty is quantifiable).

We all know about the controversy surrounding the Latin-American immigration issue. We all know that it’s a decisive and divisive issue for many of the so-called “leaders” of our country. But what we don’t know are actual facts about the people subject to our policies concerning thier status, health, welfare, etc.

I said before that up until this point, I had no real focus for this blog. My focus is gathering facts and stories about not just immigrants, but people who are affected by immigrants.

I know a woman who married a Mexican immigrant. They’ve been married as long as I’ve known her, over two years. They have two children. She is a natural-born citizen of this country. He is a Mexican immigrant. Thier children are natural-born citizens of this country. Recently he was deported to his country of origin. He committed no crime to instigate his deportation, he was simply hauled away. His wife makes trips down to Mexico to visit him and so thier children get a chance to see thier father.

That’s the information. She just recently told me that she may lose her house over the fiasco too. A natural-born citizen is cornerd by the system that I paid into and defended. I killed people so that her husband could be taken away. This is true. It is true because other things are true, like children go safely to school everyday in this country – because I killed people in Iraq. If one is true, then I say that both are. These children are safe on thier way to school, but we have bastardized them. We took away the father of two, natural-born American Citizens.

These are facts.

Who is doing something about it?

I am. And you can too.

This blog is open for anyone and everyone to post to it. Post your facts, then post your opinion. The cool thing about facts is that other people can derive thier own opinions about them – concentrate on posting the stories and facts about the stories. If you must, include your opinions.

We need to get this man back to his children. We owe it to these children. You, as a taxpayer, paid me to protect this nation from enemies on the outside. Now it’s time to correct the Rot from within. No one is asking for money, just your stories.

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