My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

The United States is supporting Hezbollah, Israel Simultaneously

The prospect of this (heading) being true needs to be explored. There seems to be a steady pulse beating the drum of “I don’t give a damn what they do, just as long as it takes attention off of my Iraq problems”.

Its a song that every media is playing along with. The whole world is whistling the tune. There are music scholars that are introducing Counterpoint scores to our most treasured of Hollywood Blockbusters harmonious to this song. Even Minnesota Public Radio has moment to moment coverage on this phenomenon.

The glory of America is its ability to decieve the masses into thinking that there are people whose mental afflictions far outweigh its own in severity.

I’ve got an idea: stop giving away weapons for money! In the long run, those weapons and, more importantly, thier usage, end up costing the Americans (and the rest of the World) gobs more money than we could’ve ever hoped to donate to starving children in Africa, HIV aid, etc.

The whole thing is bullshit. Take away the Israeli heroin spoon of bombs and bullets and have them try things the good old American way: resourcefulness; being kind to your neighbors; the golden rule; etc……you know…act like WE did when we met our neighbors – the American Indians….wait a minute….er…uh…

No, no, no, what I meant to say was Christians! Yes. Christian virtues should play a role…..wait a minute….they invented this war….

A little help?

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