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Veterans should be a thing of the past.

Mi diverto, per un momento

The masonry in my pre-war Harlem apartment building sometimes conjures up images of Italian immigrant laborers sweating through New York City summers, trowel in hand, so that their kids could afford to go to the school down the block. In my mind, they are already sepia before the photograph is even taken. Perhaps that was what inspired me to come up with a new sobriquet for our soon-to-be-renamed band as I walked through the foyer and up the stairs to my floor. I rolled it around in my brain for a bit, with different intonations and accents. With growing excitement, I called Clay with one hand while the other worked the lock to my apartment. When I told him the name, I laughed hysterically for a solid minute, while Clay was utterly silent on the other side.

"The Last Temptation of Chris". The Italian masons thought it was funny, at least.

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