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A deeper look at Haditha.

Fernando said the other day that he'd recieved some emails asking why the My DD214 writers haven't responded to the political rodeo surrounding the Haditha incidents. To this I would say that we at My DD214 are trying to lead by example. Most of the bullshit that you hear from the mainstream media is contrived, talk-before-you-think nonsense. I am glad that myself, Clay and Fernando have chosen to stop and think before we've written. To think that all of the relevant information can be gather and substantive opinions and conclusions can be formed within hours of an occurrance like Haditha is asinine. I think it is sometimes best to wait.

I remember when the great lumberjack Jack Jarousek and I were cutting down some trees for an elderly woman who couldn't do that kind of work and one of the trees didn't fall right away. It was hung up on some other trees in the dense forests of Northern Minnesota. So I immediately started to push on it and kick it to try freeing it from the upper branches when Jack pushed me back and looked up in a very Jesse Ventura/Predator-like pose and said "Give it a minute, not everything happens at once." Surely enough, after a cigarette the branches started to crack and give way and the tree fell.

The Marines and other Coalition forces serving in Iraq right now have the hardest job in the world. Anyone who has ever pitied or felt sorry for the President and his cabinet members for having to make horrible decisions like sending young men to war is misguided and mistaken. The President should not be pitied. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld should not be pitied. These men are horribly corrupted by ulterior motives, bad planning, wishful thinking and an unfathomable scope of power. The President can authorize any action of the U.S. Marine Corps for 30 days (or more?) without congressional approval. Let me repeat that: without congressional approval. Are you aware of how long it took us to take over the country of Iraq? Three weeks. Alas, I digress.

Marines are human. Humans can only process so much information. Not to mention that Marine Corps orders are sometimes in conflict with other Marine Corps orders and orders from the Geneva Convention. It's only a matter of time before a Marine misinterprets an order or something. Before I went to War with the Iraqi Nation, I was highly trained on the Geneva Conventions, laws of war, ethics and the likes. My fellow Marines and I engaged in many conversations about things like what to do if there is an infant in the middle of a road. Do you pick it up? What if there's a grenade underneath it? Should I kill a child if it's holding a weapon? How about a child that is running straight towards you? Should I kill? No? What if the child's parents strapped a bomb to the child? Sure the child would be dead, but the Marines would go on living.

There are certain things in War that cannot be addressed in a Law of War Manual. What it comes down to is the decision that is made by the Marine in question to kill a child. Yes, have an investigation, question those people involved, but stay out of the way of the Marines' doing thier job. The last thing Americans or Iraqis need are Marines who won't pull the trigger for fear of being prosecuted and ostracized. Since most Americans will never know what it means to make those instant decisions under fire that could cost the lives of his/her peers, superiors and subordinates, I think that most Americans can shut the fuck up – unless of course you want to shed some more light on the atrocities that our Marines are forced to live with day in and day out. Why is it that people like President Bush are put in such influential positions? Why is HE most qualified to be that Commander in Chief?

It is the fault of every American who voted FOR the War that innocent civilians are being killed in Iraq. It is your fault, Mr. Bush. YOU did this to those poor Iraqi families and YOU did this to the hearts and minds of the U.S. Marine. To call the common fighting man a criminal in this War is folly, the true criminals are in starched and pressed war-monger uniforms.

The War Mongers

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