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US National team loses to Ghana; My DD214 loses its soul

Fellow My DD214ers, readers, countrymen: the US Men's National team fought valiantly but was in the end defeated by Ghana in a game that they had to win in order to advance to the round of 16.

You know what that means. A bet is a bet, and we congratulate for being cynical misanthropes making the right call. My DD214 will get a temporary facelift tomorrow. Clay has been secretly wishing ill upon the US team for weeks now, hoping that it would afford him the opportunity to publish some of his erotic Hello Kitty fanfiction.

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Mi diverto, per un momento

The masonry in my pre-war Harlem apartment building sometimes conjures up images of Italian immigrant laborers sweating through New York City summers, trowel in hand, so that their kids could afford to go to the school down the block. In my mind, they are already sepia before the photograph is even taken. Perhaps that was what inspired me to come up with a new sobriquet for our soon-to-be-renamed band as I walked through the foyer and up the stairs to my floor. I rolled it around in my brain for a bit, with different intonations and accents. With growing excitement, I called Clay with one hand while the other worked the lock to my apartment. When I told him the name, I laughed hysterically for a solid minute, while Clay was utterly silent on the other side.

"The Last Temptation of Chris". The Italian masons thought it was funny, at least.

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Gilbert Gottfried must NEVER be allowed to enter the jungle

This creature (known as the lyrebird) can do spot on impersonations of almost anything it hears. I pulled my skepticism muscle watching this. (via)

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..have been greatly exaggerated

I've been working a lot lately to make the ends touch for my summer venture to the South, and I've also been doing a lot of writing. Sorry if you all got spooked. I've also found that the newspaper depresses me these days, so I haven't had many fun things to relate about politics and what not.

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I’m starting to get worried.

I atleast get a "you wouldn't believe what i did" phone call or something. Does anyone know where Fernando is?

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The Gitmo inmates.

I think that the men that hung themselves in their cells the other day is a horrible atrocity. The commander of U.S. Forces there called it "an act of War" on the U.S. 

 I'm physically tired from this. I just can't take this bullshit anymore. We've locked them away without a voice, without a trial and without their dignity. I just can't even believe anyone could think it was an act of war. This is such bullshit I don't even know what to say.

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An interview of Greg Graffin

For anyone unaware, Greg Graffin is a key member of the band Bad Religion. He has earned a PhD in Evolutionary Biology and wrote his dissertation on Zoology. The interview here highlights the paper's findings. I highly recommend checking this out and any other wonderfully insightful things he might say.

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I wrote a letter to Sen. Coleman

Here is what I wrote:

Senator Coleman,

A major concern of mine surrounding this topic it the paradigm that is inherent within it. Calling this act the "Defense of Marriage Act" is completely asinine. It implies that those people who are married, or plan on getting married, are in danger of having thier rights stripped away from them. The notion that there is a class of people, namely the GLBT community, that want to take rights away from others, is preposterous and just plain silly. These people have never stated their intentions to take away, minimize or otherwise degrade the rights of others. In fact it is thier rights that are minimal and, in some cases, nonexistant. I think that this amendment, if passed, would not only cause harm to some, but would actually protect no one. I may be wrong, but if so, I challenge you to show me where. If a constitutional ammendment like the one on the table is passed who will it "protect"? Who will benefit?

I don't see that there is a benefit. All I see is peace of mind for those who are homophobic, bigotted and just plain mean. Please don't let other peoples' bad politics get in the way of good and productive policy.

Respectfully Submitted,

Will Charlton
Former Marine and Operation Iraqi Freedom War Veteran, Disabled

Senator Coleman wrote to me after I signed an online petition to have him NOT endorse the bill. He wrote back with a, seemingly, generic response concerning the topic. In this letter he told me he endorsed the bill, but didn't say why. I wrote back to him using the language above pretty much just to trump his disingenuous reply. Your move Coleman..

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We call it riding the gravy train…

Well boys, it's official.  I am a disabled veteran. I just got my back pay check for $3,752. Nice. Of course, all of that money will be gone in a week, as we will be using it as the down payment on our new house. More details later, but you should be excited.  We'll actually have a place to have our party this summer. 

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Let the record show:

On this day, June 5th, 2006 at 12:57AM, I surpassed Charlton Heston on my way to the top of list of search results achieved from searching my name (Will Charlton) on Google. That is all.

Wierdo rejoices. 

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