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Stating the obvious

The other day at work (I work at a very nice Italian restaraunt in a very large mall) my GM, whom I have very high regard for, said "Will, you're a walking paradox: you are all about peace and love yet your favorite movie is "A History of Violence", you are a vegetarian yet your favorite dish at (the restaraunt) is the Gorgonzola Beef Filet Medallions and you hate the government yet you were a Marine for five years." I think that for the former two instances he raises a good point. But the latter should be fairly obvious.

I hate the government, not because I want to fit in with the Minneapolis Uptown scene, but because it was the government's decision to send me and an ARMY of others to invade a small country and kill the shit out of them. Based on what? Well, they're still trying to figure that out. The guys at 1115.Org have insightful conversations about that phenomenon every day and STILL, an agreement cannot be reached as to why we decided to go to Iraq. I think it is also fairly obvious that the government has lied to me. They promised me, as a U.S. Marine, that there would be WMD's found on Iraqi soil. It is a lie because they couldn't hold up on the promise. If I promise Fernando I'll give back his flip-flops and fail to give them back – I lied. It's really quite simple. 

30 May, 2006 5:22 PM Posted by | Just a thought.. | 7 Comments