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Music – Greg Weeks

Greg Weeks (previously covered here) took quite a few listens to grow on me, but I can highly recommend his most recent album, Blood Is Trouble. Weeks' music is a low-key, folkish affair, and his musical maturation seems to have followed along similar lines as that of Jeff Tweedy. I had started with one of Weeks' earlier albums, 2001's Awake Like Sleep, and was left somewhat unimpressed. Awake is spare and intimate, but in the end lacks dynamism and is too monochromatic to be really engaging. My decision to give him another shot recently and get Blood Is Trouble off of itunes, then, was a good one, because Weeks has come a long way (or latched on to a better producer) since Awake.

Blood Is Trouble employs some of the same tricks (slightly discordant arrangements and other-worldly sounds) as Wilco's monumental Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but scaled down for Weeks' one-man operation. "Made" (the ominous-but-catchy song from Awake Like Sleep heard in the Adidas advert campaign that brought Weeks to my attention in the first place) is far and away his best track, but Blood is a very good record and a rewarding listen.

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Heavy reading and light thinking

Here's a couple of interesting reads and some random thoughts.

  • From the New York Times: The contents of some old trunks found in the basement of Steve McQueen's house reveal detailed plans for the epic motorcycle adventure movie he had planned for years.
  • From Slate: The growing marginalization of the independent bookstore.
  • Writer Douglas Rushkoff (fascinating Wikipedia bio here) has an amusing and thought-provoking rant on the obsolescence of faith and religion.
  • My parents saw Mission Impossible 3 before I did because my New York City friends are too put off by Tom Cruise and/or overly cynical about Hollywood blockbusters. The other impediment is that I refuse to go to the movies alone.
  • I've read Ahmadinejad's letter. It's still digesting.

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