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Inter-blog gambling

After being summoned into a fray over at the other day, I got into a different (and altogether more amiable) disagreement with Matt from that fine site over the prospects of our US national soccer team in this year's World Cup. And you guys know how I can get when I'm passionate about something. So I did something rash. The skinny is this:

  • If the US men's national team advances to at least the quarter finals of the Cup this year, then will pony up review copies of books, which publishers send to them because they're famous and stuff.
  • If the US men's national team does not advance to at least the quarter finals of the Cup this year, then My DD214 will become a Hello Kitty blog for a week folllowing their elimination.

(here's the thread where the actual bet was made)

So Clay and Will: but starting reading up on Steve Cherundolo and the fucking Sugarbunnies. But mostly the Sugarbunnies, because the odds are not in our favor. You see the danger in unilateral action, kids?

11 May, 2006 12:24 PM - Posted by | Just a thought.., World Cup vs Hello Kitty 2006


  1. […] You know what that means. A bet is a bet, and we congratulate for being cynical misanthropes making the right call. My DD214 will get a temporary facelift tomorrow. Clay has been secretly wishing ill upon the US team for weeks now, hoping that it would afford him the opportunity to publish some of his erotic Hello Kitty fanfiction. […]

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