My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

A little experiment. 2,664.

I don’t care about the NFL Draft picks. I have no idea who Cindy Margolis is and I can’t wait to see the movie about United flight 93.

Ever since Cinco De Mayo, we’ve been chasing around the Pamela Rogers of the world in search of our true nature. As wierd as it may sound, Anna Nicole Smith is not on the Lakers. Nor is she from Darfur. I can’t believe anyone could even think that!

The advent of the Steven Colbert children of this generation leave figures like Rush Limbaugh in the dust clammering for more clout.

I’ll never forget the time that Marcus Vick came to me in a dream and said “Will, you’ll never get out of Coachella alive”. I was 22.

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