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William, I know that you're a big Hugo Chavez fan, but this is the one of the least subtle moves I've seen since my junior prom: Venezuela's Chavez proposes referendum on holding office until 2031. (via)

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Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain etc etc

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a media superstar. As well he should be; he is a man whose every action seems to be focus-groupped ahead of time to maximize newspaper sales. Last year he called for the destruction of Israel and decried the Holocaust as a myth. As Iran inches its way towards advanced nuclear capabilities, he continues to hoard the attention of the Western media: he's on the cover of this week's Economist, and his letter to George Bush has been making headlines all day. But those who would capitalize on Ahmadinejad's Jerry Falwell-like propensity to be blindingly stupid are doing the public a disservice. This guy doesn't run anything.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Presidents of Iran have about as much power as Queens of England and Kings of Pop. The real power in Iran is, of course, the Ayatollah and the clerics around him. The only time in memory that Ahmadinejad has done anything notable (besides saying something vulgar) was when he declared that women would be allowed into soccer matches last week. Anyone who was paying any attention at all to Iran scratched their heads a bit at that, as it was a reach for power that (although trivial) was beyond anything President Ahmadinejad had attempted before.

But the head-scratching was in vain. The conservative clerics, who had been outraged at Ahmadinejad's "decision", reversed it today.

Ahmadinejad will continue to grab the spotlight here in the West. But he is not the problem.

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