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Veterans should be a thing of the past.

Intellectual Property.

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Freedom of information.

Examining the validity in underpinning our freedom of information and the widespread sharing of digital music as a cultural imperative, an essay by Will Charlton.

I would first like to say that we, as Americans, have liberties that can only be realized by actually doing and exercising those freedoms. We trade our personal histories to each other verbally and freely in our everyday lives. When we grow up we are expected to learn the things that comprise our culture. We are quizzed on our knowledge of national history. We have discussions on what it means to be a “Citizen”. We make demands of ourselves to be a contribution to our culture, not a detriment. We are taught to speak and communicate according to a set of agreed upon rules. By applying these rules correctly, you will achieve a maximum success when conveying your message. As infants, we are immediately challenged with mind teasing games that are meant to foster brain activity. Put the right block into the right hole. We are also encouraged by our school system at a very young age that music is a part of who we are as a whole. Everyone can agree upon this. That is why we have music programs as youths. We view it as a fundamentally important piece into the puzzles we call our lives. We make it our own.

I have always been able to access new methods of communicating by utilizing the infrastructure in place. If I want to learn to speak Spanish, I would go to my local library and check out a Verbs book. Perhaps I would sign up for a Spanish class that’s offered by the community education department. If I wanted to learn how to program Java, I would get the latest book outlining the rules. I could find this at the library as well, maybe I’d just go to Barnes and Noble to buy it. I can always use my environment to help me in a Capitalist society. That is the whole point.

What if we happen upon a better, more efficient system? Book clubs afford you the luxury of not having to physically go out to actively seek out your desired information. Netflix offered an undeniably sensible way to access our cinematic library as a culture. I don’t need to explain this. It is accepted knowledge in our culture that Netflix is the best way to get movies. The old ways are parting.

Netflix will fail. We will outsmart ourselves again. We will invent a newer, better, more efficient way of sharing ourselves.

The increased potency of the flow of progress is a championed virtue for Americans. Acting in opposition to positive change is viewed, in this society, as detrimental to the flow of progress. So, by restricting us from using our best methods of communication, the system would no longer benefit us – culturally, financially, or intellectually. It would be causing opposition to the flow of progress. If a person in this country was sued in a court of law for damages done to an aggregator of cultural content, that person would only be found guilty of utilizing the methods put in place for him. Methods put there by the best and brightest minds of his or her civilization. It is a testament to one’s culture to invent new ways before other cultures do. We celebrate this in our history books. We teach it to our post-embryonic predecessors. Success will surely not come unless you embrace change when change appears.

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Today’s Schedule

In half an hour, I will be leaving for the airport. When I get to the airport, I will most likely be violated on several different levels by the TSA. Then, having pulled my pants back up, I will get on an airplane. That airplane will be flying to Las Vegas. I will have 5 days in Sin City, and I plan to be as sinful as possible. I’ll talk to you guys on Friday. Let the debauchery begin.

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Wrong for most.

I was getting off of work and going to get a beer. I hadn't the slightest clue on how I would soon interpret the information I'd been shown.

For years. Literally, years. People have been shown, visually and verbally, how important and patriotic it is to thank a servicemember for his/her service done for this country. I just want to take this time to offer up a different…former servicemember's…perspective on this reaction.

You support the status quo. You may not like the fact that we're at war, but you support it. You support the cause. You identify with the factors of the current government and would gladly offer up your opinion of the present situation in the Middle East. The people that you support are over there fighting for a common goal: freedom and the equality of all men under the sun.

I want you to tell it to me. I want to hear it. It makes me proud. It justifies my actions.

Tell it to me again. I can't wait to hear it. "Thank you sOOOO much for defending our country." "No", pause for effect. "I really mean that. Thank you soo much."

Well I'm sorry, but I just don't fucking buy it. You don't realize what I hear when you say such things. You say thank you, but don't realize that by your admission of thanks, you concede that I could've died for the cause. You're a person that is willing to have people die for you, not with you. You're willing to accept my death at the cost of your freedom. Freedom that you already had. Freedom you don't exercise. Freedom that you trade away. Freedom that lies in dormancy. I wastes. It atrophies. All you can do is thank me. And for what? Thanks for standing up for me? Thanks for wiping my ass? I went to Iraq and killed people. There was no protection of American liberties over there, unless of course if you count bombing brown people as an American virtue.

You do it. You fucking try crawling your ass through the worst imaginable environments with a 60 pound pack. Then find out that there was no threat. Saddam had no ties with Osama. There were no WMDs. All they had was an army that was in dire need of a leader. And we killed them. For what? For standing thier ground. Then tell me about what our freedoms means to you.

Don't Trade away what my predecessors and I have vied and bled for.

Freedom Vs. Security.

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