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The War on Dorky Terror continues apace

Well it wasn't just CNN that bit when the DoD dangled the Zarqawi blooper reel today: the New York Times and LA Times jumped on it, as well as ABC and Fox. So far as I could find, Reuters, Bloomberg and other wire services stayed silent and Al Jazeera has yet to chime in, not even providing their usual meta-commentary on how US media was handling the story.

So clearly we have a charm offensive being conducted by the Bush administration. In the words of Major General Rick Lynch (who was apparently running the dog-and-pony show for the media), Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is "a warrior leader.. who doesn't understand how to operate his weapons system and has to rely on his subordinates to clear a weapons stoppage."

But how wise is this? Is it really such a good idea to paint Zarqawi as a bumbling idiot when haven't been able to catch the son of a bitch for two-and-a-half years? What does that make us?

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Take the time.

I want all administrators of this blog to read the second comment on my "Lah Ti Dah" post. The author of this comment raises a good point, I do have responsibility for the things I've done over there. But I still can't see how war is a good thing. Plus, learn to talk English good.

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I never read anymore

And here's one of the reasons why:

U.S.: Outtakes show al-Zarqawi as poor gunman 

Are you kidding me? Not only has the Department of Defense adopted the new strategy of making fun of al-Qaeda, but CNN puts this crap on their front page. I'm looking forward to more CNN headlines in support of our new initiative in the War on Terror:

U.S.: Our dad can totally beat up your dad

U.S.: Sources indicate that Bin Laden 'eats his own boogers'

U.S.: New leadership in Iraq insurgency 'a bunch of fags' 

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