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Veterans should be a thing of the past.

Happy Eekster…

Sup homies? How’s bunny day treating you guys?
Been a while since we had a post from Clay, huh? What’s with that guy anyway?
Anyway, I have several news items.
Item 1– Fernando, how the hell am I supposed to get stoned and leave you retarded messages if your damn voicemail box is full? Call your voicemail, listen to them, then delete them, mon frere. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Item 2– As I told Will today on the phone, there have been new developments in this recording project. As I can’t even remember where I ate lunch today, I figured I’d better write it all out so I can have the details straight with both of you.
We are still planning on having our big BBQ over the weekend of July 7-9. There will be booze, pot, live music, and, if all goes as planned, a whole pig, roasted Hawaiin style in a pit of coals. We are inviting around 50 people, but who knows how many will show up. We’ll have a good time regardless. We’ve been having some difficulty getting the invites sent (read: We have been lazy), but we plan to have them mailed by the end of this week. Attendance is not optional, at least for youse guys. Remember to bring your most obnoxious Hawaiin shirts. Okay, so that does it for the weekend, now on to the really exciting stuff.
Gary Shaw, who I’ve told you about, has told me he definitely wants to produce the first “real” Powers That Be album, and he wants to release it, most likely in podcast format, as the first new Texas Music Hour show since 1982. This is a fantastic opportunity, as we have already had 10-15 different bands send us demo CDs, hoping to get a spot. As awesome as that is, it gets better…
Gary does not just want me to do overdubs and remix the old album, he wants to re-record all of it, with the addition of different instruments, backing vocals, washboards, etc. We talked it over, and he agreed that it would create a much better vibe for the album if, instead of hiring studio musicians to play songs that F. Rizo and myself wrote, we were to get my former musical cronies down here and rock some faces for the first time in a few years.
I’d like to record on July 10 & 11. We’ll most likely have a ten-hour block, which will give us more than enough time to get all of the tracks laid down. If I need to, I can mix the stuff later so we can concentrate on recording the whole time.
Here’s what it comes down to- Although my dreams of becoming a rock star have faded a bit in recent years, and even though I love what I do now, I still have to jump at this chance to release a “real” album. The thing is, I know that if I’m the only one making the music, it won’t be nearly as good as the stuff we could all write together. I need you guys to help make this thing happen. I figure you can fly in on Thurs or Fri, and then leave anytime after Tuesday. As you both know, you are always welcome here for as long as you want to stay, and the only cost you have to worry about is a plane ticket.
So, plan on it. Reschedule any appointments, cancel any dates, postpone any surgeries, and let’s make a fuckin’ record.
Item 3– Will, I enjoyed bullshitting with you today. I’m looking forward to working together on this project.
Item 4– The Easter Bunny died for your sins, bitches. Praise Him.

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Links – 11 April

  • Short tech demo video for the Steven Spielberg-produced live action/CG Transformers movie due out next year.
  • From the Sunday NYT Magazine: El Salvador criminalized any and all abortions in 1998; here's what's happened. (free registration required)

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All that we haven’t learned

Seymour Hersh, writing in the New Yorker, says that the US plan to launch airstrikes (and possibly nukes) into Iran is predicated on the belief that “'a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the government.'”

 The mind boggles.

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Albino, even

Even on the internet, where April Fool's jokes are as common as Clay's sex fantasies about chili dogs, FARK's was a hilarious stand-out.

FARK April Fool's 

Also: big shout out to Monty, and thanks to all for the kind birthday wishes.

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