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Veterans should be a thing of the past.

I Miss Will

Where is Will? I realized today that the last time we heard from him on the blog was March 6th, in a taunting attack on Fernando’s bravery, honor, etc.

I just want everyone to know that Fernando is afriad to actually play against me in Civ 4….Seriously Fernando, if you don’t want to play against me and get spanked, that’s ok. We can still be friends, but just know that next time I’m not going to be as forgiving.

We all know that Will’s insults and and aggressive attacks on Fernando are merely a convenient cover-up of his love of all things Cuban (and a poor cover-up it has been). Putting aside for the moment Will’s overwhelming desire to swim naked with Fidel Castro in a pool full of jello, the question still remains- Where the hell is Will?

Has karma finally caught up with him? Has Al Gore punished him in some way for his jibes towards his fellow bloggers, or his sins against the Interweb? What if, in an incident resembling a shitty movie, ghosts came out of his computer and ate his soul or something? What if, even more horribly, his stubby little fingers were somehow cut off in a freak lumberjack masturbatory role-playing game?

Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Maybe Will just doesn’t love us anymore. Will, we still love you and we want you to come back. We’re still at the same place. Come by anytime.

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