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  Although I’ve made a half-assed effort to get back into comic books over the last couple of years, there’s plenty of “must-read” stuff that’s escaped my attention. Apparently, the V for Vendetta graphic novels fall under that heading. My favorite movie reviewer (Devin Faraci) at my favorite movie review site (CHUD) has written up a very interesting editorial after attending a screening of the soon-to-be-released V for Vendetta movie. Here’s some of what Devin had to say:

It’s shocking that a film like V For Vendetta, in which the hero can be described in no other terms but terrorist, has been made by a major movie studio, which is itself a part of a major, world-dominating corporation. Either the folks at Warner Bros and Time-Warner weren’t paying a lot of attention or they just don’t think that a movie will make any bit of difference at this point. I couldn’t disagree more, and I have to tell you that if I was still actively working as a political organizer I would be standing outside theaters showing V and handing out anti-Bush and anti-Iraq War pamphlets to exiting moviegoers. Sure, this film is about a fictional fascist state that denies its people basic liberties and makes them live in fear, and sure it’s set in the London of the future, but there’s no hiding the fact that the film’s timeline is one that begins today.

After reading that whole spiel, I can honestly say that this is the first movie I’ve been excited about seeing since Murderball. And if tweaking conservatives isn’t enough for you, the movie also features Natalie Portman with a shaved head. I think it’s hot. Infer from that what you will.

Here’s the link to Devin’s write-up, and here’s a link to the most recent trailer for V for Vendetta.

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27 February, 2006 8:26 PM - Posted by | Linkage, Movies

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