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The second-most evil thing I’ve thought all week

One thing before I get to the personal disclosure: NPR’s hourly news updates were running the story that Harry Whittington, the apparantly quail-like victim of Vice-President Cheney’s dubious marksmanship on Sunday, was doing just fine. In the soundbites, the doctor from his hospital was falling all over himself telling the media how great the guy was doing.

“He’s fan-fucking-tastic! He ate 12 cheeseburgers and then shit out a butterscotch sundae! We’ve never seen anything like it! He is arguably healthier now than he was before he was shot!”

Okay, so that’s an exagerration, but not a big one. The dude was seriously out of control. It was radio, but one could visualize the spittle that his raving produced.

He actually did say something to the effect of, “We can’t wait for Mr. Whittington to get home in a couple of days so that we can all put ‘the shot heard around the world’ behind us.” Now that’s good medical staff. Doctor and spin doctor. NPR also reported that hospital officials said that although Whittington was still in the intensive care unit, that this was not for health reasons, but for “his comfort”. That makes perfect sense. ‘Cause let me tell ya, when I want comfort, I go to the ICU.

Anyway, when I read that the guy had had a heart attack, I secretly hoped that the old dude would die so that we could push to get Cheney charged with man-slaughter.

See you all in hell. All apologies to Mr. Whittington.

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I hope for cargo

Happy John Frum Day.

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