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Fernando goes to the Met

I took advantage of the holiday today to get down to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park. I took approximately a bajillion pictures. In the interest of not slowing the load time for the site down to glacier speed, I’ll just put up a couple here. If you’re interested in seeing the rest, you can see them here. And yes, that is the magnificent new beard design.

UPDATE: Met pictures on the front page were making Clay’s computer cry. Click on the link above if you want to see them.

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A comment on Will’s most recent picture, and the religious philosophies contained therein…

Tired of your old religion? Sick of the same litany, millenium in, millenium out? Now there’s a solution for your problem! The makers of Jesus and Jesus Lite (featuring Episcopalian Goodness!) are proud to bring you new Evil Jesus! In this all-new, extreme version of Christianity brought to you by those extreme-sport junkies at Mountain Dew, Jesus isn’t a pushover anymore! This time, screw the meek, only the AWESOME shall inherit the earth!

That isn’t a confused, oh-shit look on Jesus’ face, my friends, that’s just the look that Evil Jesus gets when he’s about to do a 180 fakie “Savior” grind on the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro while suckling sweet, powerful Mountain Dew from the teat of a mountain lion! That’s right, we said Mt. Kilimanjaro! That’s right, sucking Mountain Dew from the teat of a mountain lion! Now that’s EXTREME!

Evil Jesus will totally rock your face, you pussy, so join up now! Or are you too chicken for EXTREME religion?

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Similar Happenings.

I had a similar situation in Thailand. Mine involved not a beard, but a Thai hooker named Ta, 60 cent heinikens and the Shore Patrol. More on that later…

Now your moment of Zen.

Jesus Christo

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