My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

Some pictures from the last couple of days

Here’s some photos of the last couple of days, guys.

This is what is known as the College Walk, a path from Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue that bisects the campus. In reality, I wish I had taken it from a different angle because there’s some beautiful buildings just out of the shot. My chief concern at the time was getting the damn lighted trees into the picture.

This is me in the book stacks at Butler Library. Butler has 8.6 million books in it and is the 10th largest library in the Western Hemisphere. We have something like six other libraries on campus, too.

Here’s the College Walk at night.

And here’s the moon, as seen through the trees.

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Civilization 4 Planning Thread

Clay; Will and I have decided to spare the people of Earth the fury of our iron fists and not conquer it (for now). Instead, we are going to play Civilization 4 by email and conquer an imaginary Earth instead. Woe to the imaginary people who stand in the path of our imaginary rise to imaginary power. Woe. Woe to their imaginary children and their imaginary livestock.


Here’s what I suggest for game settings, Will:

  • Map type: Continents
  • Map size: Small (I think a bigger map would be a bigger game than we could play in a year)
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Sealevel: Medium
  • Starting Era: Ancient
  • Speed: I could go with either Epic or Normal for this. I’m leaning towards Normal, because Epic is a loooong game. Marathon is even more ridiculous.
  • Number of AI players: I think either 5 or 6 would be good.
  • Win by: Conquest, domination, cultural (I would take out Space Race and Diplomatic victories)
  • Additional options: I’d like Random AI Personalities

Whaddya think, Will? Respond with a comment in this post.

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