My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

Fernando greets his new roomates

Here’s part of the promised news: I finally got my Columbia housing today. Orientation is Monday, and as of yesterday I still didn’t have a place to stay. I was sweating it, believe me.

Columbia was kind enough to send me my roomates’ email addresses, and I sent them this message:

Howdy roommates

We’ll find out very quickly if these guys lack common sense and/or a sense of humor.

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Warren Ellis — Internet Jesus

Hey Clay, do you remember a couple of years back when I kept musing about getting back into comic books? Last year I did. It turns out that a Brit named Warren Ellis has been writing some of the best stuff in the English language for years now, but it gets little mainstream attention because the writing happens to be in the panels of comic books and not hardcover novels. Transmetropolitan (one of the sharpest, wittiest pieces of satirical literature I’ve ever put eyes to) started, ran for a couple of years and ended, all without us even catching a hint of its existence. That, and everything else I’ve read by Ellis in the last year is just pure gold.

Ellis has a blog that I used to read religiously but during all the hubub with finals and moving across the country and whatnot, my regular internet reading fell by the wayside. Ellis is crude but brilliant, righteously atheistic and wittier than any one single person probably should be. Cruising over there today reminded me of why I love reading this guy’s blog. This post is as good a place as any to start at, wherein Ellis tells us why the non-canonical James Bond flick Casino Royale is the greatest film ever made.

My review of Brokeback Mountain is coming tomorrow, I swear. Also tomorrow: I fill you guys in on Real LifeĀ® stuff.

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