My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

White people are a genetic abberration

I don’t really know how to put this, so I’ll just say it. It seems that you were.. an accident.

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Issue 6: Because integrity counts.

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King Kong review in a nutshell

I’m a bit busy with two things at the moment:

1) Getting over a life-threatening illness that left me bedridden yesterday (possibly the H51 strain of the flu avien), and

2) Packing up or giving away my worldly possessions in preparation for Tuesday morning’s permanent move Back East.

So the lengthly King Kong review will have to wait. But basically, it fucking rules. It won’t make a nickel in the US, simply because it requires an attention span to enjoy, and we all know that Americans don’t have those. I highly recommend it though.

Will, your elegantly written and formatted post brought me to tears. I plead not guilty on the charge of Tom Foolery. But Issue 6 remains. It has inspired me to end every post I make this week with an election campaign tagline for Issue 6.

Issue 6: Now, more than ever.

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Article I; Section I; Motion A

I would like to be recognized by the board for the following:

  • – Member of the WordPress blog dd214 Fernando is to be brought up on formal charges of Tom Foolery in the 1st Degree.
  • – Member of the WordPress blog dd214 Fernando needs to let issue 6 go and concentrate on issue 2.
  • – I, Will Charlton, am to be recognized by those members of this blog that choose to be on this blog.

Thank you for your time*.


* – this symbol and it's usage is commonly reserve for footnotes or additional topical information.

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