My DD214

Veterans should be a thing of the past.

My undying allegiance.

After reading the FuckChristmas.Org site, I now realize that I must pledge my undying allegiance to you, Fernando, for knowing me so completely. I thought my mom knew me pretty well, but now I see that you know me best.

Today I was getting a coffee downtown (Minneapolis, MN not Minneapolis, Lebanon!) and the girl who took my order pointed to my lapel pin and said in question "What's that? The AntiChrist?".

Let the record show that the pin on my lapel is a picture of a black christian cross with a red circle surrounding it and a red line striking through it. Like the Ghostbuster's symbol but only with a cross, not a ghost…


I replied "Nope. No Crossing Zone".

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Bah humbug

If ever there was a website made for Will right now, it’s this one.

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We can’t waste any more time!

Listen, I know we’ve got this blog started and everything, but we need to get our next most important venture into action: the Ivy Leagure’s Starter Kit. Things I think should be included: pomade, black-bristled comb, letterman’s jacket, atleast one (1) cardigan and atleast one (1) pull-over. Any other ideas? Come on guys, this is huge!

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Thank you everyone.

The first thing I shall do to etch this momentous occasion in the virtual stone that Mr. Gore gave to us in tribute not so long ago, is say thank you to my friends Clay and Fernando. I know that you feel like you are inferior to me and my wonderful superpower, but I assure you that we are no different (other than the superpower). Thank you for including me on my own idea guys, this is great.

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